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Downtown Arthur Welcomes You  

Contact us for any additional information on Arthur or the surrounding Illinois Amish Country 

Planning for your Trip to
                    Illinois Amish Country

With so much to do in Illinois Amish Country, planning your visit might take some time.

After you have some idea about when you might be able to visit, check our Events Calendar first. We try to keep it updated as far out as we can and add new items and events weekly.

Do try to allow enough time in and around Arthur. If you have not been here before and look on the map, you might think... "just how is that small town going to keep me entertained for more than an hour or two?" We will surprise you. The most common complaint on any bus tour that comes thru the area is that they were not allowed enough time to enjoy our small town. And that just refers to downtown Arthur itself. You have the whole of Illinois Amish Country to experience, including Amish shops and farms, the food, fine theater, Rockome, the Lake Shelbyville area and so much more.

After you have a date in mind, if you would like any assistance or additional details contact us either by email, fill out our on-line inquiry form which has check boxes for most items of interest, or give us a call at ACM Tours Toll Free at 1-888-321-9663. We can assist with scheduling, accommodations, ticketing, setting up tours or meals, including meals in Amish home and any other last minute details.