Amish Country

Amish Country... the reason you want to visit in the first place.

The rural countryside around Arthur is home to over 2500 persons living in the AmishAmish Barn faith. They live on mostly small, pictuesque farms, and many of them operate on-farm businesses. Some businesses are established to serve the Amish community directly, some are set up to fill local infrastructure and subcontracting work for other local businesses but do take on work for others, and some businesses are just another retail business that welcomes customers from anywhere in the hope that they will find something to buy.

If you need a buggy, harness or wagon part made, or are looking for gas lamps or refrigerators that need no electricity, those kinds of businesses are around this area. Specialized for the needs of the Amish, but also used by some others.

There are specialized machine shops that deal with hydraulic conversions of standard electric industrial saws, and woodworking tools, along with any number of shops that back up the local building trades.

Then there are the shops that have product to sell at retail. They will welcome your visit. Country groceries, quilt shops, dry goods stores, hardware stores...all with a rural, old fashioned flavor. Most are lit with gas lamps and some with wood stoves. All have hitch racks out front for the locals. Most are staffed by family members of the resident owners.

Shade BuggyAmish country has many special sales, auctions and benefit meals that welcome your involvement. Check the calendar lose to the planned time of your visit. There is something special going on practically every week that you can get involved with.